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Consultant Position Description

About Charm

Charm Economics, LLC was founded in 2018 by Principal, Adam E. Block, PhD. Adam received his doctoral degree in Health Policy (economics track) from Harvard in 2007, served as a health economist for the Obama administration, and subsequently worked in data analytics for health plans and  hospital systems. Leveraging 20 years as a purchaser of data and data analytics, Charm Economics develops return on investment (ROI) models for small- to mid-sized healthcare companies. Its mission is to help companies by using publicly available health services research from journals, white papers and public data sources paired with client specific data to provide simple, clear, and evidence-based value propositions.  We are growing quickly – our revenue doubled each of the last four years and we are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who will use the structure and brand of Charm Economics to expand the business. This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company working at the intersection of digital health, research, and health policy.


About the role

This is a full-time position, with a two-year commitment preferred. The person in this role will be responsible for every aspect of the consulting work, including all responsibilities listed below. Start date: Now!


You will be part of a small team of consultants splitting your time between various projects that range in scale and scope. This role will kick off by working on a large contract with the Department of Labor evaluating health benefits and helping to determine whether reimbursement rates and network adequacy are adhering to regulation. We are doing good work, for good causes, improving the efficiency of health care using quantitative research.  We are on the cutting edge of reimbursement, digital health, and telemedicine.  There is no better place to work.


Responsibilities of the Role

  1. Support on Department of Labor project: This will include evaluating health benefits for parity in terms of treatment limitations, reimbursement to providers and network adequacy.

  2. Develop Excel based models: This includes developing a framework for the company’s value proposition, performing research in journals as well as in corporate white papers. When data is not available, considering how to develop reasonable proxies or assumptions. Making the model “client ready” using clear fonts, colors, and styles and making it functional incorporating data sets.

  3. Industry Research: In health care there is always a data set.  Your job is to find it.  Want to know how much cardiologists make on average?[1] Want to know how many med school applicants there are by state?[2] It is out there.  This is what we deliver for clients and build this data into our financial models.

  4. Health Services Research: Financial models are driven by good health services research; the heart will be finding academic studies and interpreting and aggregating the findings.

  5. Interview Experts: Draft interview guides for expert interviews and be able run interviews as well as write up notes.

  6. Create Slide Decks: Use simple, clear, and elegant slides to convey information on complex modeling decisions and other data analytics.

  7. Write White Papers: Use prose to describe a problem, the other research done to solve the problem and provide evidence-based conclusions.

  8. Project Management: Develop budgets, work plans, and timelines, and manage the day-to-day  operations of both small and large projects. This includes delegation and collaboration with a small team.

  9. Business Development: Consider new business opportunities and how to further work with current clients. Bonus opportunities here!  This is where I need the entrepreneurial spirit that is just waiting to be unleashed.  

  10. Possible opportunities to author papers for journals, trade publications or the general press.


This is an ideal job for an independent thinker who is passionate about the integration of business and research in the health  sector, who wants to learn how to manage projects, and who seeks a flexible work environment. We are a startup that has a revenue stream and is NOT reliant on continued investment.  Our scope continues to grow, that is why we continue to hire.


Work Environment

Role will be 100% remote, this isn’t 2010! Must work Eastern Standard Time business hours (generally). 


Competencies and Qualifications

  • Looking for recent graduate with 0-2 years professional experience.

  • Quantitative and qualitative research experience.

  • Fast and accurate writing with ability to present complex information in clear, appealing manner.

  • Ability to develop timelines and goals for projects and consistently deliver against milestones.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage projects with strong attention to detail, and an ability to identify and convene senior stakeholders.

  • Passion about and basic understanding of the US health care system.

  • Ability to manage competing priorities independently.

  • Self-starter, with ability to “manage up”.

  • Judgement: knows how to balance multiple projects, when to ask for help and when to start down a new path to a solution.

  • Conviction and Flexibility: Will voice opinion, but also accept direction.

  • Strong Strong business sense and strategic judgment, and an appreciation of operational realities

  • Understand the health services literature and how to dig through academic literature to identify findings relevant to the project at hand.



More than a lab or research job.  Less than a management consulting job.  Direct profit-sharing opportunities related to business development performance, so the sky is the limit.  If you succeed, we succeed. Includes health insurance if you need it, or a bonus if you don’t.


Submit your resume by email to:


Please state in the email a short paragraph of interest and how you learned about the position. 



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