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Health economics
insight applied to  

Our expertise has been leveraged by corporations, governments, startups, health plans and providers.

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Charm delivers data-driven solutions for digital health & MedTech businesses

We translate insights from clinical and health economics research into real-world cost and savings estimates for digital health and medical technology businesses.


Health care analytics & economic consulting
to take your business to the next level

Bringing together decades of experience in managed care, data analytics, actuarial science, and value-based contracting, Charm Economics offers a variety of services.

Provide investors with a detailed analysis of the merits of your company using our detailed templates and decades of experience.

Return on Investment Modeling

Benefit from decades of experience consulting for legal and arbitration cases. We also do modeling and supporting research. 


Expert Witness

and Arbitration

Leverage expertise in economic theory, health insurance policy, operations, and data analytics to evaluate your business strategy.




Aggregating data sources from industry, government, and private sources, we can help model any project.



Financial Analysis

Meet Our Team

We are a highly skilled team comprised of economists, data scientists, and management consultants, working together to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients in the health care analytics and economics field.

Adam E. Block, PhD

Adam E. Block, PhD

Founder and Principal

Chelsea Marlborough

Chelsea Marlborough

Manager of Operations

Chris Madsen, MSc

Chris Madsen, MSc

Data Science Consultant

Katja Lemermeyer

Katja Lemermeyer

Director of Health Analytics

Nicole Frontero, MSc

Nicole Frontero, MSc

Health Economics Analyst

Tijesunimi Borode

Tijesunimi Borode

Summer Intern

Alexandrea Harriott

Alexandrea Harriott

Manager of Policy & Economic Analysis

Seoyoon Kim

Seoyoon Kim


Recent Work

Our case studies exemplify how we utilize cutting-edge clinical and health economics research to develop precise cost savings estimations for our clients.


T-Mobile For Business

Project Completed March 2022

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