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Charm Economics bridges the rigor of academic research with the practicality and expediency of business. We analyze the problem, recommend a solution and implement it. All in just three months.
Health Care Analytics &
Economic Consulting

Taking your business to the next level


Learn from decades of health care experience in managed care, data analytics, actuarial science, and value based contracting.  We create incentive structures to help your organization meet its goals. 

Business &

Financial Modeling


Aggregate data sources from industry, government, and private sources. We can help model any project that will meet the desired vision of the organization. 

Managed Care Contracting


Optimize contracts with managed care organizations using our templates and decades of experience.

Research and Evaluation


Leverage free, publicly available research.


“We are impressed with the work Adam and his team did building and publishing a health economics model for the rapid diagnostics platform we are developing. The team researched the field extensively and produced a model that is not only the core of our value proposition to customers and investors but is now published.”

-Eric Stern, CTO and Founder of SeLux Diagnostics


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